Gulf Getaway

10:01 AM

A few weekends ago Drew and I got the chance to get out of town without the kids. Did you get that? ALONE. I haven't been out of town without a child in over a year. The last time Drew and I traveled alone I was pregnant with Georgia Kate. So you get why "alone" was in all caps. 

After working out a master plan for the girls for the weekend (thank you parents and in-laws!) Drew and I headed south. Our first stop was Apalachicola, FL. Drew talked me into taking a detour on our way to Panama City Beach. We picked up his boat, he did some work on it, we ate dinner in Apalach then pulled the boat to Panama City Beach.

Saturday morning after sleeping past 7 am, but sadly not much later, breakfast and coffee, Drew couldn't stand it. He HAD to get his boat in the water. So we headed to St. Andrew's Marina in downtown Panama City.

*This was the first time we'd been to this part of town. It is so cute! Market days, coffee shops, cute stores, beautiful boats and lots of people walking around enjoying the beautiful morning. If you frequent PCB and have never been to this part of town, do it on your next visit.

We (mostly Drew) got the boat in the water and we were off to see what the Gulf had in store for us.

Drew fished and fished. 

I supported him while working on my tan. 

It got pretty breezy as the morning went on, so we made our way back to the marina. But not before Drew caught some speckled trout that we ate for dinner.

Once back at the condo, I headed for the white sand. I sat in my chair while reading a magazine and people-watching. I LOVE THE BEACH!

After cleaning the fish, Drew joined me.

And fished some more. (Getting the idea how much my husband loves to fish?) 

It was so nice to just do whatever we wanted. We grilled out adult food and there were no puffs or cups with lids. :) When we packed to leave, all of our clothes fit in one bag a piece. Life with no kids!

But even with the ease of the weekend, we were both very ready to see the girls by Sunday afternoon. I think I kissed GK at least 10 times in the first few minutes I held her. 

It was a great trip and I can't wait to get back to the beach. I guess we'll be kind and take the girls with us next time. :)

Have a great week.

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  1. Ahhhh, I can't imagine the serenity of lounging on the beach without making sure someone wasn't running off, throwing sand, being kidnapped, or drowning. Heaven for sure!! ;-)
    Glad y'all made time for yourselves!!


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