Mother's Day Fun

3:06 PM

Mother's Day weekend came and went. But before it's long gone, I must share about the fun I had. 

The girls' daycare had a special "Muffins for Mom" event Wednesday morning. Libby dined on a cinnamon rolls and I let Georgia Kate gum on pieces of muffin. She loved it! 

Now tell me these aren't beautiful children?  

Sunday morning Libby proudly brought me a singing Snoopy card and a gift card to spend on whatever I want. The girls and Drew also had flowers waiting on me downstairs. They were lovely!

This picture was taken on our way to church. Can't help but chuckle at how out numbered Drew is. Girl Power!

After church we enjoyed a big lunch with our family. We had a special treat this year, my parents and brother joined us for lunch at my in-laws. So we got to have our entire family all together. It was great!

The weather was so nice. And check this out, the kids took turns riding, Sky, the pony.

This last picture is three generations of Raiford/Parkman girls - my mom, me and my girls. I'm very proud of this picture. Sweet, sweet moment!

I hope you celebrated, honored or remembered your mother. And if you are a mother, I hope you got loved on by your children. Being a mother is exciting, exhausting, wonderful and wild. And I thank God for giving me a chance to raise these girls. I promise I will always do my best for you, Libby and Georgia Kate. I love you!

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  1. Great pictures!! didn't take a single one... :-( even with the new camera...


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