K4 graduation

7:00 AM

It's official, folks.

This big girl

That used to be this little girl

Is now a graduate of Pre-K. My, my! 

Her class put on a great program. Libby had a long part and did an outstanding job! Funny that the same girl that's shy around most adults can stand on stage and proudly say her lines to an audience of 150+. 

They performed cute songs with motions. They showed off how they've mastered their letters, numbers, days of the week and months of the year.

They even did a cute "Three Little Pigs" skit. Libby was Pig #2. She really got her "piggy" on!

Lastly, she received her official K-4 walking papers. Next stop: kindergarten.

She had a big cheering section - both sets of grandparents, her Uncle Drew, Mom, Dad and GK.

And she raked in lots of cool graduation gifts. 

I don't want to write the obligatory paragraph about how I can't believe my baby is growing up so quickly. But...I just have to. How in the world could she be five and ready to walk into the doors of a big kid school this fall? I don't know how to justify time flying by, but I do know that she is a very smart little girl and will excel in kindergarten. 

Happy Pre-K graduation to my favorite five-year-old!

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