Summer is Here

2:11 PM

Where is June trying to sneak off to? Really! I was just posting about Georgia Kate's early June birthday and now it's the last week of the month. Since then we've enjoyed two different Vacation Bible Schools and logged another trip to the beach. 

This trip took us to Cape San Blas, FL. We loaded all our earthly belonging the car and headed south Tuesday night. We arrived to the beach house late, but it was worth it to wake up AT THE BEACH Wednesday morning. We enjoyed five days on the coast. 

  No, I don't endorse all of the Auburn in this picture. Hmmph! 

It was a nice treat to get away from work, our routine and reality in general. The shore always does the trick.

I have some summer projects underway and a few other ideas floating around my brain. I'll be back soon with updates on these undertakings.

Have a great weekend!

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