Pretty Picnic

12:38 PM

Summer project update:

We spend a lot of time in the evenings in our back yard and around the patio. Libby rides her bike and scooter, we play Libby's made up version of baseball, (try and keep up with all her rules, I dare you!) Drew grills, I push GK around in her stroller. We all enjoy summer nights outside. A few weeks back I was taking inventory and I realized I really disliked our picnic table. It was just a big, brown, worn table. Bleh. Then it hit me, I could paint it. And the wheels started turning. The next day I Googled "painted picnic tables" and saw that it could be done fairly easily. Challenge accepted!

The girls and I ventured to Home Depot. I bought primer and chose a cheery blue named "Deepest Aqua" by Glidden. I had the paint mixed and headed home to start this project.

I did most of the painting in the late evenings after the girls went to bed. Trust me a curious, walking baby and paint don't mix!



First coat

Finished product 

I just love it and know it will be a fun addition to our nights on the patio. This was an easy DIY project. And that endorsement is coming from a full-time working mother of two. :)

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