Camo girls

11:47 AM

Hi bloggy friends! I'm back from LA, back to our crazy routine and can't wait to fill you in on our awesome trip out west. But until then, you've got to see my girls getting in touch with their southern roots. 

Saturday was opening day of dove season in Alabama. What better way to celebrate than pulling out the camouflage? 

They look good in anything, right?

Libby had a full day of playing and "helping" down on the bird field. 

All the girls after the shoot. Filthy and cute as can be. 

The very next day, the girls got to have more fun in the country at a second bird shoot. 

The girls didn't go the field this round, but kept busy around house. This wild baby thought she could drive the gator. Not yet, child, not yet. 

She gets her ideas from her cousin and sister. Oh my!

Now tell me life on the farm isn't fun? 

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