LA Bound

9:24 AM

Hello blog readers. How are you? It's been another busy week around here. But there is something BIG awaiting me Friday. A trip to LA, and I don't mean Lower Alabama. Los Angeles, CA, here we come!

Coop and I are flying out Friday evening and will be staying with our friend, Demetri. I'll be honest, I don't know if I've really wrapped my head around how awesome this trip is going to be. But I know once we board the plane, it should feel real.

We'll be staying in the Venice Beach area. Since it's my first time to the area, I am up for anything. Demetri has planned some beach time, nice meals and sight seeing for us. I am eager to see it all! 

Enjoy your holiday weekend! I'll be sure to post updates on Facebook and Instagram of our West Coast adventures. 

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