Half Marathon Training

6:30 AM

If you've been waiting for an update from the half marathon training camp, here it is! What? You weren't waiting? Well, you're getting an update none-the-less.

We're just a few weeks away from our half marathon, Run for the Treasure race in Panama City Beach, FL. 

My training group (aka friends that are making me do this race) have been with me the entire time. And it's been great! I completed my longest run, 11 miles, this past Saturday. I'm not going to lie, it was a really tough run. I was ready to quit (not just slow down, I mean lie on the pavement) around mile nine. But I somehow picked my feet up and made it to mile 11. 

Fellow runners tell me it's perfectly normal to have a bad run and warned me not to get discouraged. I'm looking forward to next weekend's run, 12 miles, because I want to end on a positive note. 


Another hurdle for me has been stiffness in my knees as we add longer mileage into our training. If I run three or four miles, I feel great. But following our long runs (9, 10, 11 miles) I have to ice my knees and deal with the soreness for most of the day. 

Fellow runners, if you have any tips, please comment!

However, the pros to the training are that I've proved to myself that I can run the long distances. Something I wasn't sure I could do when the training began. 

And all of the girls agree that the time we've spent as a group training has been so much fun. We're all busy and have so many work and family obligations. So the extra time we've squeezed in has been a treat. Most of my runs are after the girls go to bed or in the wee hours Saturday morning. Even though I wouldn't normally have girl time at 6:30 am, it's so much fun to be together, encourage each other and laugh at ourselves!

I'm looking forward to the race and accomplishing this goal with three of my closest friends. 13.1 miles here we come!

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  1. I am quite certain this is all just another excuse for a beach trip.


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