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4:26 PM

Hi all! Another week is upon us and there's been plenty to keep us busy around here.

We had a full weekend of plans, only to be hit with sickness around our house. Over the last two weekends we've endured a stomach bug and a high fever with a case of strep throat. Oy! Enough already. Sickness flee our home!

And to add to the craziness, we were informed that Libby will be getting tubes in her ears next week. I'm hopeful the surgery will help her, but of course I'm ready to have the procedure behind us.

Drew and I tag-teamed and took care of kids while the other worked or ran errands. (Let me take this moment to brag on my husband! He is so good. Stays calm when I freak - 'cause I tend to get worried when the kids are sick. And is a pro at carrying his weight and is an excellent baby sitter. Told you he was good!)

In happier news, I enjoyed our 12 mile run this Saturday. 

That's right, I typed "enjoyed". It was all good - my lungs, knees and legs felt right, no pain. It was the complete opposite from my 11 mile run the previous week. I'm so glad! Now I can go into the half marathon knowing it can be done. Of course I won't know until race day, but it gives me hope until then.

Next week we will taper and run six miles. The following Saturday is race day. It's just around the corner and I'm ready to do this!

Gotta run! I've got to go give my sick child medicine, run them to the doctor and nurse them back to health. Talk soon!

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