Half Marathon Recap

9:37 PM

Hey folks! I'm officially half crazy - an official half marathon completer, that is. Go me! Go my friends! 

When we committed to train for this race, we decided to make a girls' weekend out of it. And boy was it fun! The race was the reason for the weekend, but every second of Friday, Saturday and Sunday was a blast. These girls are hilarious! 

We left town Friday afternoon to get to Panama City Beach's Pier Park area to pick up our race packets. We had a pre-race dinner of grilled chicken and mashed potatoes at The Back Porch. We got to the condo, laid out all of our running gear and headed to bed. 

We were up dark and early Saturday morning. 

Being awake at this hour makes them act this way. 

Pre-race picture: Beth, Heather, Coop and me. We were smiling because we didn't know what was coming.

And we're off...

The race from my perspective goes like this: The race began, we settled into a good pace and headed out for the first 7 miles. I felt good. As each mile passed, it was getting warmer and warmer. We could feel the sun on our backs. Then the realization began to sink in that at a certain point we'd have to turn around and head back 6 miles facing the blazing sun. Friends, it was SO HOT. There was NO shade. I wasn't prepared for that part. I had no sunglasses or hat and each mile back I got slower and more exhausted. I hadn't even considered it would be this hot in October. It certainly caught me off guard. 
I remember thinking around mile 8 that I had made a big mistake. Then I thought, "I need to remember this so I can blog about it." Ha! Blogging is always on my mind. Each mile I struggled until I saw the 12 mile marker. I was still miserable, but that's when I knew the race was almost over - thank goodness!
Heather was the first to finish. She's fast, y'all! She dashed to the car to get the camera and took pictures of the rest of us as we finished (or limped across the finish line).
Here comes Coop!

Then it was my turn. Tears of joy and hatred for the heat were going on right about here. 

Then Beth crossed the glorious finish line! 

My sweet friend, Stephanie, drove over for the morning from Niceville, FL to run in the 5K and cheer me on at the finish line. Thank you, Steph! 

Remember I told you Heather was fast? She finished under two hours (who does that?!) and placed second in her age group.

Go Heather Shabooty Boo Boo Blain! You rock!

We all completed our goal of running 13.1 miles!

And have the medals to prove it!

I even got in a quick post run massage. Nice! Check out my sweat - yikes!

I think they are delusional from the heat.

Hedges gave us "awards" when we got back to the condo. I thought my sticker was pretty funny! 

Then we hit the beach for the afternoon! 

Did I mention we won medals? ;)

After a very entertaining afternoon on the beach we took showered and headed to dinner.

We started phase two of the night at Rum Runners then moved on to Tootsie's. So. Much. Fun. When I tell you we laughed all night, that's just what we did. We laughed at each other, strangers and anyone else that cared to join us. We jammed to the live band and danced the night away.

We even had our very own wing man  Cody O., with us for the evening. Cody later endorsed us as "super fun moms!" Thanks, buddy. We already knew that, but it's nice to hear it!
P.S. The medals were worn out that night, too!

We laughed all day Sunday at things we said and did Friday and Saturday. It was an awesome trip. We made outstanding memories and checked running a half marathon off our bucket list.
Thank you Heather, Coop and Beth for this fun time together. I'm glad you talked me into this crazy idea to run 13 miles 3 months ago. I tell you this, it's going to be hard to top this weekend!

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