Fall Fun

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I didn't mean to fall off the blogging band wagon, I really didn't. I realized that it's been a few weeks since posting. But the good news that I have plenty to share since I last blogged.

The last two weeks of October were busy with Halloween happenings.
We had fun with our friends at the annual Halloween party. Drew and I were the Government Shutdown. :)

My friends were hash tags. #funnygirls

The Sunday before Halloween, we enjoyed fun at our church's Fall Festival. 
Libby and Georgia Kate were bumble bees this year. Cute!

The same week I joined Libby's class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.

There were lots of activities for the Kindergartners. All the kids were so excited. Tiring day!

We had fun trick-or-treating this year. Georgia Kate was actually sick. But she felt good enough to tag along in the wagon. Thankfully she's all better after running a fever for four days.

That same week Coop and I ran a 5K hosted at my college. It was a cold morning and the hilliest (and hardest) courses I've ever ran. But Coop encouraged me (maybe, yelled at me at times) and we finished under 30 minutes. 

I'm still running a couple of times a week. But I'm not in full training mode like I was before my half marathon. I think the trick to staying on top of running is to schedule races periodically. I plan to do a few 5Ks throughout the year to keep me honest. 

Now we're knee deep into November. If I stand on my tip toes, I can see right into Thanksgiving. So that means more of the same. Let the wild ride continue, right?

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