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Hi blog readers! This post will be a collection of thoughts and pictures from the last few weeks. No catchy theme, no surprise endings. But lots of cute pictures of the girls. Fair enough?

Before I launch into all of that, I realized I haven't filled you in on my recent, BIG news. The third week of January I changed jobs. After being on staff with the college for 8 1/2 years, I took a new job. It is exciting, scary and fun all at the same time. My new title is Career Coach. I now work with  9 - 12 graders (uh, yeah) helping them with college and career planning. There's lots to learn. I work with five different high schools each week. But there were so many perks to the job that I couldn't turn the opportunity down. Best of all I will have about 8 weeks in the summer off to spend with Libby and Georgia Kate. How cool!

Now that we're all up-to-date, let's share some pictures. 

Like this one of GK getting after this cupcake. 

Why is everything she does so cute?


I got to meet a new baby friend, Corbin. He is tiny and sweet. His parents are our friends, Heath and Amanda. 


Libby was the Star Student last week in her class. She got to decorate this poster telling all about herself. 

She was so proud!


This month we enjoyed our annual gathering of Couples Bunco. 12 couples, good food and lots of loudness. It's always an entertaining night!


After the snow and ice we received in January and February, we have been rewarded with a couple of beautiful afternoons. I took these pictures went I went for a run on the farm. 

Hurry up, spring. Let's do this.


We are trying something new this year - slow pitch softball. Libby is on the Angels and had her first two practices this past week. She's ready for a great season! I'll post pictures of her first game. 

February is wrapping up and our March promises to be full of activity. Check back soon for updates and pictures. 

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