March and Mocs

3:16 PM

Today in Alabama it's cold and rainy. Sigh. We are all itching for warmer, spring weather. Soon, hopefully soon.

Georgia Kate has the cutest moccasins that were ever worn on tiny, baby feet. (Who dresses her? She's so stylish!) 

Since they looked so good on her, I decided to get myself a pair. In pink! These are from Target

Two weeks ago my friend, Kathryn, was in town for a conference. We didn't have much time to spare, but we made it work. We met at Chick-fil-a and talked for almost two hours. We may or may not have had cookies and cream milkshakes. Okay, maybe we DID. 

The same week a group of friends and our daughters went to Auburn to watch them take on Georgia at a gymnastics meet. 

There was face painting, snacks (so many snacks - I left broke!) and fun with friends. 

And this picture cracks me up every time I look at it. Libby called me over to see her and instructed me to take her picture. I don't know what's more funny, the muscles, the tan or her expression. Good stuff.

And softball practice is under way. Don't these girls look menacing? Well, maybe cute? Cute and menacing - that's their plan of attack. Opening day is a week away. It promises to be a fun season for the Angels!

And here is a real life Angel. Love you, Georgia Kate. :)

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  1. These girls and their Mama are always SO adorable.
    I am feeling nostalgic this morning. {what's new, right?} Time goes tooooooo fast.


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