Around Here - Spring Edition

7:00 AM

I love spring and all the fun it brings with it. These last few weeks we've been on the go. Here's what's up with us lately:

Libby earned another glowing report card. All "M"s and perfect attendance. We celebrated with an ice cream cone for her good work. I cannot believe she's in the last nine weeks of Kindergarten. Remember me posting the cute pictures at the beginning of the school year? It went by so fast.

 I ran the Color Me Rad 5K again this year. A group of friends ran this race together. We had a fun morning!

Before: All clean. 

I halfheartedly trained squeezing in random runs here and there. And it turned out to be one of my fastest 5Ks and I never felt tired. Funny how that works. 


 The following weekend Libby and I celebrated with our friend, Ms. Rebecca. She is expecting her first child in June. Rebecca is from North Carolina, but we got to know her while she was working as the Asst. Director of the daycare the girls attend. She is now teaching in local school, but I am thankful our paths crossed. She'll be moving to Ohio this summer and we wish her the best!

I took this precious picture of Georgia Kate watching Drew while he cut the grass. She waved EVERY time he made a pass in the front yard. She thought it was so great to see Dad ride by. 

And because her adorableness knows no limits, one more picture.

Bring on the sunshine!

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