Spring Break

11:07 AM

I had the blessing of getting an entire week off for spring break this year. Even though I've worked in education for the past eight years, I never had the week off. To say I was excited about getting a free week would be an understatement. I was so thankful for it! 

The only problem with spring break was that my week off was different than Libby's week off. Whoops. I work in a different school system so our calendars are not identical. I was bummed for approximately 18 minutes, then it dawned on me...A WHOLE WEEK OFF WITH THE KIDS AT SCHOOL. WAHOO! Imagine what I could do - sleep, clean my house, shop ALONE, go out to eat, nap, wonder aimlessly in Target and other fun adult activities. 

I gave it my best effort. My week included shopping, a pedicure, running errands and several naps.  

I did make sure that I focused some of my time on the girls. I got to eat lunch with Libby at her school a couple of times. I was able to pick her up from school all week in the car rider line. And we made time for a few special outings. :)

It was pretty great!

Libby is enjoying her spring break this week. She is staying with my mom. She packed a suitcase and told me she wouldn't miss me. (true story!) So, yeah, she was excited!

She got to do all sort of special activities with Mimi and she had a few play dates with friends. She's a lucky girl to have so many people looking out for her!

We are thankful for spring breaks and are looking forward to summer vacation!

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