Birthday Celebrations

1:42 PM

Libby's birthday fell on a Monday this year, so she got to stretch out her celebrations over two weekends. 

Round one was a family celebration. Cake, ice cream and presents. 

Round two was with a group of her friends. She told me she wanted an ice skating party this year. I was really unsure about her idea because she'd never gone ice skating before. I'm sure she envisioned she and and her friends gliding around the ice like the professionals she watched during the Winter Olympics! While I envisions kids falling and crying. But she wouldn't let it go. So, I booked a small party at the new Ice Rink in town. And guess what? The party was a big hit!

She and the girls did a great job! We had so much fun watching them (and some of the parents) scoot around the ice. We also had pizza and cake. It was a great afternoon!

Happy 6th Birthday, Libby!

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  1. What a fun birthday Libby had. Happy Bday sweet girl


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