May: Week 1

10:56 AM

Hi blog friends! May is always a busy, wild, fend-for-yourself month for our family. We have so much going on and four family birthdays. We are never at a loss of activity to keep us busy. 

One week in and we've already:

Enjoyed the children's choir program, Heaven is Real. The kids did a great job!

 Libby and her friend, Lilly, did a dance to "I Can Only Imagine". It was very sweet and she did wonderful job!

 Had Wet Fest at Libby's school. Wet Fest is (a hyped up) field day with water. The kids wear their swimsuits and get to play games, run relays, get hosed down with water guns, play on an inflatable water slide and have a picnic lunch. I took the day off to join in the fun and I loved spending the day with Libby and her class.

As an added bonus I got to hang with two of my besties, Coop, a P.E. teacher and Hedges, a Kindergarten teacher. 

And it turned out to be a hot afternoon, so Libby took her first official swim in our pool for the summer. 

And finally, I spent the first weekend in May in Miramar Beach, FL for bachelorette trip for our friend, Kaley. It was a quick trip, but we maximized our time by not sleeping much. (No really, I'm tired!)

The weather was picture perfect Saturday so we parked ourselves on the beach and enjoyed the day. 

We had a great time celebrating Kaley as she gets ready for her marriage to Jason. 

So who's ready for another jam-packed week? Let's do it!

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