Georgia Kate is 2!

9:00 AM

 Two years ago (a day early and on her own timeline) Georgia Katherine joined our family. Even though I remember life before she came along, I don't know what we'd do without her. She rounds out our family and I thank God for the opportunity to raise her and call her my daughter. 

At two-years-old she:

 Talks...a lot. She has started forming short sentences.
She LOVES her sister - "Sissy" or "Bibby"

She loves to "Go Outside!"
She makes hilarious noises for most all animals.
She loves to sing and do motions to songs. Her favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Let it Go (from Frozen). Girl can shake her booty, too!

She can count (missing a number here and there) from 1 to 10.
She loves to give High Fives and Fist Bumps.
Her favorite TV show is Bubble Guppies.

She asks to "culla" (color) all the time. 
She is fascinated with side walk chalk and bubbles.
She can scale the ladder on our swing set and gets a kick out of going down the slide. She loves to swing.

Eating is her favorite! She gobbles most all food put in front of her. 
She is a great sleeper. Once she's in her crib she tells us, "Night, night or Bye bye" and she sleeps all night.

She is a precious soul and her big blue eyes get me every time. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Georgia! You are loved and wonderful!

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