Where DID she go?

2:56 PM

Hi faithful blog readers...reader...anyone still there? Hey, you! 

I bet you thought I gave up on the old blog? No, I did not. Normally bloggers get busy and put off working on new posts because life takes over. But that actually wasn't the case this time. I have a personal lap top (as opposed to posting from my work computer) and it was acting up this summer. No blogging for me.

But, great news, I sent my computer to the tech doctor, got a few things spruced up and now we're back up and running. 

Over the next few days I'll be posting updates from our eventful summer. 

Speaking of summer...it's been great, busy, relaxing, (yes, both) HOT and a lot of fun so far!

We've enjoyed a dance camp,

Had doctor's check ups,

Played outside...a lot!

Been cute, 

Dressed up for Bunco,

Ate ice cream from an ice cream truck, 

Celebrated friends getting married, 

Been cute again (I know, but we can't help it), 

Teed off, 

Survived Six Flags,

Logged many, many hours in the pool 

And spent some wonderful quality time with each other.

I tell you it's been a busy couple of months! 

Thanks for not giving up on me and the blog. I'm here, sputtering lap top and all. Check back often for full posts on our summer activities. 

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