Birthday Celebration

10:00 AM

Georgia Kate turned two in early June. But because we had such a busy week the first week of June, we chose to host her birthday party the week following her actual birthday.

We planned a swimming party and invited friends and family. It rained for the first 45 minutes of the party (thanks southern, summer weather) so we improvised and played inside while the men grilled dinner. 

 After everyone ate, the storm passed and we were all clear for swimming.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. 

This was her face when everyone sang to her. Excited and a wee bit shy.

Fun with friends. 

And a few presents, too!

Including this pink Mini Cooper. Excuse me while I cruise!

We had a great party with lots of friends and family. Georgia Kate is loved by many. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Georgia Kate!

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  1. Looks like a fun party and I would love to drive that cute car lol


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