Six Flags or Bust!

6:00 AM

Another adventure we conquered this summer was a trip to Six Flags. Libby's school took part in a reading initiative that rewards kids with a free ticket to the park if they read each day. Parents log the minutes and turn in the results at the end of the semester. Every time I signed off on the sheet I thought, "This means I am going to have to endure Six Flags, too. Great."

We picked a date and made plans with friends to travel to Atlanta. It was Libby's first ever trip to the amusement park. She didn't know what to expect, but she was excited.

We were there when the park opened and almost shut it down. It was a long day!

We left no stone unturned. We rode tons of rides, ate (overpriced) food, drank Icees until we were in sugar over load and even swam in the water park.

Even though it was a hot day, we dressed appropriately, lathered ourselves in sun screen, took breaks at the right times and had a really good day.

Libby surprised me and rode several big roller coasters. She may be a thrill-seeker after all. 

Here's a video of the biggest coaster she rode, Dare Devil Dive. Please note I had to ride the stupid thing, too. ;)

We came, we rode, we laughed, we walked miles and miles and we conquered the park. 

Thanks, Six Flags, for a great summer memory.

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