8:00 AM

Early on a Sunday in mid-June I woke up to find a voice mail from my neighbor. It went something like this:

(7:45 am) Neighbor: Beth, it's Jen from across the street. I wasn't sure if you knew you have a tree down. Call me if you need anything.

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I ran to the bedroom window and didn't see anything. I went to look out a window facing the back yard. Nothing. Libby was stirring at this point, so I told I was looking for a downed tree. Together we walked outside in our pjs and boy did we find it...

A tree that has been around for 50+ years had blown over during a storm in the middle of the night. And I never heard a thing.

We were so lucky that it fell away from our house. I promptly thanked God for protection from the tree. Because it could have done some extensive damage had it fallen on our house. 

We were sad to lose such an old tree, but Libby chose to make lemonade out of lemons. 

And used the downed tree as a balance beam for two days until it could be cleared. 

Drew and his dad worked hard to cut up the tree and haul off the limbs. We kept some of the wood to use in our fire pit this winter.

Goodbye, old tree, we'll miss you!

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