August is Over

8:30 AM

August was another busy month. Seems like all the weeks and months are in this stage of our lives. 

We're all awaiting a break from the heat. It has been HOT! One way we cooled off was ice skating. I took Libby to the ice rink last weekend where she had her birthday party back in the spring. She really, really enjoys skating and is getting better with each trip.

She skated for three hours and I had to make her leave. She loves it!


Libby got her first black eye last week at school. A boy's head collided with her eye at P.E. She had to visit the school nurse and I got a call at work. But she scored an ice pack and lots of special attention. 

Check out her shiner.

Thankfully her eye is almost completely healed. The black and purple has faded. She handled it like a champ and only whined minimally. ;)


Last week we enjoyed two major events, Labor Day weekend and the kick off of college football. 

This is how things go in our house divided:

Both of our teams won their first game. Not in the most clean or dominant ways, but they were wins. 


We headed south Friday after school to enjoy the long, Labor Day weekend at the beach.

We had great (HOT!) weather and good company.

It was a great trip all around. The sun shined every day, we watched lots of college football and played for hours on the sand in the pool. 

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