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Since I'm short on time and long on pictures, I decided I'll post what's going on in our lives using pictures from my phone. 

Unless you live under a rock you have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges that everyone and I mean everyone has been doing. You call your friends out and challenge them to dump a bucket of ice water on their head. (Fun?!?) If the person you call out declines, then they make a donation to the ALS research foundation. Some people are good sports and do both the ice water dump and make a donation.

One of my best friends, Coop, did the challenge and then called three of her friends out - Me, Heather and Beth. 

It was important for us to do it because she and her family were personally affected by ALS. Her father, Sidney, aka "Big Sid", passed away from ALS a few years ago. And not that anyone asked my opinion, I love all the awareness that has come from so many videos going viral. The closer to a cure for this awful disease, the better. 

So all four of us got together to accept our challenge. Coop graciously volunteered to douse her best friends with ice water. Isn't she a dear?

The first victim was Heather (and her son, Bence).

Then it was my turn. IT. WAS. COLD.

And finally, it was Beth's turn. 

And after, soaking wet and happy that it's over!


The following weekend Libby and I spotted this pretty rainbow. 


I bought the cutest Lilly Pulitzter day planner/agenda. I was sold when I saw the elephants. 


This year I am working with K - 2nd graders on Wednesday nights at our church in the AWANA program. The kids memorize scripture, hear Bible stories and have game time. 


Georgia Kate has thought long and hard about SEC football and where she stands. I'm happy to report that she is going to side with me and be an Alabama fan! So if you're keeping score - Drew and Libby are Auburn fans, GK and I are siding with Bama. 


Drew enjoyed some time away to fish last weekend. He sent me this Snap Chat. Nice catch! 


And in really, really exciting news...these arrived to our house last week! We are Disney bound in the near future. It will be Libby's first trip and the first time back in 20+ years for me and Drew. We are anxiously awaiting this big trip!

Hope you enjoyed the tour through my iPhone pics. See you soon!

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