Garth FREAKIN' Brooks

3:54 PM

That's right, I used "freakin'" in a blog title. But you have to understand, it was necessary. 

Friday night Drew and I got to attend Garth Brooks' World Tour concert. Oh my, it was an event!

But first, let's go back. Remember about 20 years ago when you knew every word to every Garth Brooks' hit? Yeah, me, too. And remember looking at his album covers all those years ago and still being able to recall most of them today? 

Yeah, me, too. 

So when we got wind that Garth Brooks would be performing in Atlanta, Drew and I said, "If we can get our hands on tickets, we have to go!"

A few weeks later I heard on the radio the exact date and time the tickets would go on sale. I talked to Drew and we came up with a plan. It was more of a loose game plan that went like this..."No matter what you're doing tomorrow at 10:00 am GET TO A COMPUTER AND ORDER TICKETS!" 

I'll cut the details short, but it was a very stressful event to get tickets. Ticketmaster locked up all together. Friends were texting me to see what my status was and I was doing the same to them. Another friend sent me a 1-800 number to try because the website was bonkers. The same friend let me know that Garth was going to add another 10:30 pm the same night as the first show. I called in to an automated number and by the grace of God the computer lady rattled off some seat numbers. I checked the seating chart and they were really good seats so I jumped out of my seat and shouted "Yes!" into the receiver. We secured tickets to the show!

Being at the late show was both good and bad. Good because we had to time travel to Atlanta after work, get checked into our hotel and even grab dinner. Bad was being expected to stay awake past 10:30 after a long work week. But we dug deep, I had a cup of coffee and slapped myself around to get mentally ready.

And the long hours did not disappoint. It was so worth it! Garth's still got it! His voice is still as strong as ever. It was a great show!

And I'll save you the stress of fighting Ticketmaster and let you enjoy the goodness that was Garth...

Great night. Classic songs. Awesome show! Thanks, Garth. You were worth the stress, the money spent, Atlanta traffic and 3:00 am bed time. 

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