The Christmas Cupcake

9:00 AM

Sunday evening the children's choir at our church performed a cute Christmas program. The kids have been working on the songs for several months and added a drama for the program. 

We enjoyed cheering all the kids on during their performance of The Christmas Cupcake. 

Libby, Kaylen and Lilly dancing to "Baking up Cupcakes".

And guess who made a cameo during the play? Yes I did! I was a chef judge that helped decide on the winning cupcake. 

The guest judges were: (L to R) Becky Rocker, Guy Spaghetti and Paula Queen. 

Libby and I enjoyed being on stage celebrating the REAL reason for Christmas...Christ's birth. It's easy to get distracted with all the shopping, elf on the shelf and Christmas parties why we're here. But we know why...Jesus Christ!  

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