'Tis the Season

10:39 AM

We are half way through December and we are enjoying Christmas around our house. With Drew and Libby's help, we got our tree up early and with little fanfare. Georgia Kate, however, is keeping me on my toes. She likes the tree and decorations a lot. She loves playing with our (kid-friendly) nativity set. She grabs the angel, runs through the house and shouts, "Tinkerbell!" She has also been caught swiping ornaments off the tree. But she's so cute that she gets away with little discipline. 

Our Elf on the Shelf, Chris, arrived December 1 and both girls are excited to find him each day. Libby is really enjoying him this year, we talk about him a lot. She even writes him letters. "I heard you have been watching me all day long and you are the best and nicest elf...I am going to miss you afterwards you will be gone."  Sweet girl.

GK doesn't really understand what it's all about, but she tells Chris "hi" each morning and likes to see where he's perched each day. 

Libby and Drew ran in the Reindeer Run this weekend. It's a huge, local race (1 mile run) for elementary kids. It's a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network and it's a big event. Libby's school does a good job promoting the event and it's a fun morning for the kids. 

Right after the race, we walked across the bridge and found a spot for the annual Christmas parade. It was Georgia Kate's first parade and both girls had fun waving to all the people and floats and and eating candy. 

'Tis the Season!

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