Easter 2015

10:00 AM

Easter 2015 came as quickly as it was over. We enjoyed the weekend and the girls had fun with lots of activities during the week leading up to Easter. 

Libby and GK spent Good Friday with my in-laws where they dyed eggs and got in an early egg hunt. The next day we dyed more eggs at home. 

The littlest daughter was pretty messy, but with a smile that cute, we let her dye her heart out!

Saturday evening we had a casual Easter dinner with my parents. The girls got baskets from Mimi and Papa. Both had these bendable, soft stuffed animals. They were a BIG hit! Libby named her fox Noodle and decided Georgia's should be Doodle. Welcome, Noodle and Doodle, to the Parkman family.

GK is pretending to sleep in this picture. She is a hilarious unpredictable nut these days. 

We rose early Easter morning. The Easter bunny delivered some goodies and we got ready for church. 

Pictures before heading to church. My pretty girls!

We took a few pictures after church, too. 

After church we enjoyed a big lunch with Drew's family. We hid eggs for a cousins egg hunt. All the kids scored lots of candy. We have SO MUCH candy! I am tempted every time I walk through the kitchen. Gah!

It was a fun, beautiful weekend. I am thankful for our Risen Savior and time spent celebrating with our family. 

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