Mother's Day 2015

4:27 PM

I had a busy, busy Mother's Day weekend. 

Thursday Georgia Kate's school hosted Muffins for Mom. I enjoyed spending time with GK. She enjoyed chomping on a huge, chocolate muffin and giving me kisses. So sweet!

Friday evening Drew and I helped host a wedding shower for our friends, Brett and Hannah. They'll be getting married in June. We enjoyed an evening celebrating their upcoming wedding. 

After watching Libby's ball game Saturday morning, we attended the Parkman family reunion. The girls were very social. Hugging cousins, great grandmothers and visiting with family. 

Sunday we went to early church. Here's a picture of the girl squad before leaving for church. #girlsrule

After church we enjoyed lunch with our families.  

The girls and Mimi. Side story: I bribed Georgia with a gummie so that she would stand still. She did, but asking for a smile was too much. ;) 

 The same afternoon all the cousins piled into this handmade canoe. They just loved it. 

Georgia Kate took a late nap so Libby and I enjoyed the pool while she rested. When she got up she joined us.

This was the first swim of the year. Our pool is officially open for the summer! 

GK will start swimming lessons is about two weeks. I have a feeling she is going to love the water as much as her big sister. 

Told you it was a busy, event-packed weekend. I was so tired from all the running to and fro that Drew cleaned up the kitchen (he was helping me celebrate Mother's Day) and I went to bed early. Zzzz!

I am thankful not only to be a mother, but to have such wonderful mothers in my life!

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