First Day/Last Day

9:52 AM

It's official, folks. Libby has completed first grade. She will be moving on to the exciting world of second grade in the fall. Hard to believe, but I'm proud of her and thankful for her growth and development.

First day of first grade compared to her last day.

A little taller and a lot less teeth! :)

Special things she did this year:

*Made all A's ALL year!
*Went to Disney World for the first time
*Developed an awesome love of reading (her test scores indicate that she finished the year reading on a fourth grade level. Awesome!)
*Lost four teeth
*Completed another year in our church's AWANA program
*Finished her second season of slow pitch softball

She had an awards program and ice cream party with her class to celebrate a great school year.

Libby with her fun, outgoing, sweet teacher, Mrs. Sawyer

The kids got to enjoy ice cream sundaes and top them any way they liked. Libby was proud of her creation.

Each child was given recognition in an area they excelled. Some awards are funny (most hugable, best dancer) and some were more academically focused. Libby was named the All Star Student. Her teacher explained it was because she excelled in every subject and was an all around good student. I was proud of her and she was excited to hear her teacher's point-of-view.

So long first grade, it was a good year!

It's obvious to me and Drew that's she growing up and becoming a mature young lady. But she'll always be our first born baby. 

Here's to a great summer break!

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