Party People

9:00 AM

Georgia Kate wanted a Paw Patrol party for her third birthday and that's just what she got. We enjoyed a summer evening of swimming, eating and celebrating with friends and family...and the puppies of Paw Patrol.

After swimming with her friends, we dried off and had dinner.

As everyone was standing around outside finishing their meal, Georgia Kate come up to me and said, "I blow out my candles!" She was telling me she was ready to be celebrated. :)

So we sang and she blew out three candles. 

She wasted no time getting down to business when it was time to open her presents. 

She took her new bubble mower for a spin as soon as she could get her dad and granddad to cut open the box!

We logged another successful birthday and we had a great time celebrating with our friends and family! 

Three-years-old looks great on you!

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