New Bed and a Fun Wedding

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Pretty awesome title, right? I'm not sure how to meld the two totally unrelated topics together. But thanks to my outstanding creative writing skills I feel like I nailed it. ;)

We'll start with the new bed. It's not actually new, it's just different. We finally bit the bullet and converted Georgia Kate's bed into a toddler bed. She's three-years-old. I'm pretty sure we converted to a toddler bed much earlier for Libby. But GK loved her crib and has really never tried to escape. We didn't really have to make any changes. It was just time.

She was THRILLED when we asked her if she was ready for a big girl bed - again same bed, same height, same sheets, same pillows - just a new name. She was wildly excited and Libby was, too. I guess GK's excitement was contagious.

Big girl status. Makes me a little sad. 

After Drew had it ready to go both girls did lots of jumping, diving and rolling on the new bed. Who knows why, but they were over the moon about the bed.


The weekend before the Great Bed Transition Libby and I were invited to join in some wedding fun. 

One of Libby's PE coaches, Coach Roberts, got married in early August. Libby absolutely loved her and stalked her stuck by her side every day at PE. So Robbie (Libby's nickname for her) was kind enough to invite us to her wedding.

Libby was ECSTATIC!

The wedding was very pretty and we had a great time at the reception. We ate good food, drank some wine (me, not Libby), jumped in the photo booth and danced the night away with the band. 

The girls partied hard and we stayed until they kicked us out. We saw the bride and groom off after a great night with friends. Congrats, Hollee and Zack! Thanks for including us in your celebration.

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