Summer on Rewind

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We may be back to school, but I'm slow to let summer go completely. Here are some more great moments from Summer Break 2015.

Like last year, we made a bucket list of things we wanted to accomplish.


We made several trips to our local library. They offered special activities for kids on Wednesdays. So the weeks that we weren't traveling, I took the girls for reading time, music and snacks. Libby got her very own library card this summer. She enjoyed checking out books and reading over the break. 

Making silly faces and chowing down on snacks.


Coop invited us to spend the day on her boat on Lake Harding. It was hot and we swam a lot to keep cool. 

A selfie with my friends

The whole gang. 

 Jackson, Allie and Libby showing off their headless body skills. These kids are funny!


 One morning I was looking get out of the house (it keeps you sane, am I right fellow moms?) I remembered our local museum has an interactive kids area. And most importantly AIR CONDITIONING! 

We loaded up and headed to the museum. 

And these two LOVED IT!

There were tons of games, creative nooks and activities for the girls to run, play and interact. As soon as we loaded up to leave, Libby asked when we were planning to come back. 


And no summer is complete with out swimming. We swam A LOT. Some times four or five times a week. It was too hot to do much else. 

When we weren't swimming in our own pool, we met up with friends to swim. 


One evening the family was outside playing when Georgia Kate asked (the inevitable) question about going swimming. Drew and I made eyes at each other (parent translation: I cannot take one more dip in the pool.) The sprinklers were running, so we quickly agreed to let the girls run loose. 

They had an absolute ball! It was such simple fun, but they were thrilled. Drew and I enjoyed watching them run free. 

It was one of those moments I thought, "This is what being a kid in the summer is all about!" It was a sweet memory I hope I never forget.


We also had a lunch/play date with Papa. The girls were so excited to have lunch with him!

Summer fun was in full swing.

Check back soon as I have a few more trips and adventures to share from the summer in future blog posts. 

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