Swimming Lessons

7:00 AM

We kicked off our summer with a very important task, swimming lessons for Georgia Kate.

We signed up for lessons with Ms. Jenny. She taught Libby to swim several years ago. She's very patient, so sweet and doesn't let screaming kids (ahem, MY CHILD!) phase her one bit.

Georgia Kate's very first day was traumatic for everyone involved! I wasn't expecting it from her, but she screamed, wailed and called for me the entire time. It was pretty pitiful. :( It's a tough parenting moment knowing your child doesn't understand. She survived Day One, but told me all night that she wasn't going back again. :o

We did go back again and to my surprise the kicking and screaming was much less on Day Two, only a minute or two. Ms. Jenny pressed on and had GK kicking and going under by the second day.


The next few days were a total turn around. GK was swimming and no longer crying. As soon as we'd dry off and load up in the car, she asked when we were coming back.

At the end of the week she earned a medal for all of her hard work. 

Thank the Lord we lived to tell about this adventure! If you'd asked me after the first day I wouldn't have believed in the end result.

Thanks to Ms. Jenny for teaching Georgia Kate! {and not quitting on us the first day ;) }

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