Six Flags Over Georgia

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We dedicated an entire day (in mid-June) to making a trip to Six Flags. Like last year, Libby earned a free ticket through a reading program at her school. She loves to read and she loves Six Flags, so she had no problem reading the required amount and getting a pass.
To make the trip more fun and less miserable we planned to go up for the day with friends. We had great time! 
Six Flags is not for wimps. I prepare myself mentally and physically. We dress for comfort and LOTS of walking. We lather up in sunscreen and drink water all day. If you know going into it that you're going to be hot and wait in a few lines, then you are good to go.
The day before I asked my friend, Christie Jo, to braid my hair. It turned out really cute. The goal is to keep all that long hair up and out of your face. Thanks, CJ. :)
Here is our group - Beth, Libby, Kaley, Coop, Allie and me. I enjoyed their company so much! Kaley drove from north Atlanta to meet us for the day. We were all smiles before riding Goliath.

Libby and Allie were tall enough to ride most all of the rides. There were just a few coasters that they didn't meet height requirement.

But those two were not scared to ride the coasters, swings, water rides or cars. They even drug me on a few coasters that I would have been happy to skip. Oh well, I guess they are keeping me young.


Here's a funny shot Kaley took right before we pulled out of the station to ride Goliath for my first ever ride. It's a huge coaster and I was too scared last year. But I decided I'd give it a try this time. It was a smooth (and really fast) ride and I lived to tell about it!
We split up to ride - two adults at the time. The little girls weren't big enough to get on Goliath yet. So we took turns riding so they wouldn't be left alone. Coop agreed to ride with me since I was a rookie and Kaley and Beth jumped on after we got off.

I'm happy to report our ride was a fast, high flying adventure. However, when it was Beth and Kaley's turn that was NOT the case. They clicked up the HUGE hill and then got stuck at the top for about 7 - 8 minutes. What the what?!?
They were in the very first car looking over ALL of Atlanta. It was so high. Scary!
Coop and I had walked the little girls down to the exit so we could watch Beth and Kaley's turn. They were stuck for so long that we began to worry. Allie and Libby even prayed for them (how sweet.) Coop and I were exchanging looks and talking through our teeth hoping not to worry the little girls. I also promptly thanked the Lord that I was not stuck when I rode for the first time ever. I probably would have had a nervous breakdown.
And then FINALLY, the row of cars moved. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Because I was sure my friends were going to have be flight-lifted off the ride. :o

And we were all crazy enough to ride Goliath again later in the day. No one got stuck that go round. ;)

We had a jam packed, HOT, awesome day. We really did have a ball.

Great memories were made (and a few selfies!) with this fun crew. Thanks for a great trip. See you next summer, Six Flags!

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