Brett and Hannah got Married

12:07 PM

This summer our friends Brett and Hannah got married. Brett and Drew have worked together for over five years. Hannah was a scholarship student of mine when I worked at the college. I knew them both from different parts of my life and one day it dawned on me, I should set them up! I laid the ground work and eventually they talked via social media and started dating soon after. After dating a few years they got engaged. Boom! I can add "Match Maker" to my long list of talents. 
Drew was one of Brett's groomsmen, so we got to enjoy a weekend of wedding festivities. 

Ms. Matchmaker with Brett and at Hannah at the rehearsal dinner. I am proud to be part of their story. :)

Libby was excited to attend the wedding, but we played it safe and had GK stay with my parents. 

A pre-wedding selfie. :)

It was a really, really pretty wedding. 

{images by Ritchie White}

We had a great time at the reception. We had fun with friends, ate a big dinner and danced the night away. 

Libby with her friend, Miss Ann Marie. (Fun fact: I used to babysit for Ann Marie when she was Libby's age. Time marches on, huh?)

I ran into a sorority sister, Casey, from Alabama that I hadn't seen in years. 

Libby danced to roughly 32 songs that night. She loved the dance floor (like her Momma!) and loved getting to dance with Miss Hannah. 

We saw the couple off with sparklers. Libby thought that was really cool! 

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ennis! 

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