Soldier Half Marathon

4:25 PM

The first weekend of November was the Soldier Half and Full Marathon. 

I posted about my training back in October. And after three months of training it was time to run the race!

My running partner for the day was Heather. I'm so glad she stuck with me. I have no idea how someone could train and race all alone. I need lots of motivation. Heather encouraged me the entire race.

The weather report was calling for rain leading up to the race. That had me worried. Who wants to run in the rain...with wet socks and shoes? Not me. 

Thankfully the rain held off. But as a result of the looming clouds it was extremely muggy. The air was very thick. And it was unseasonably warm. We were wearing tank tops in November...and sweating! 

We ran about 7 miles on base at Ft. Benning. Then several more miles in Columbus, GA. Along the route our fun and crazy friends were there to support us. They were a high point when I was feeling tired and hot. 

Their signs were awesome!

I hit a wall around mile 9. I was tired. My legs hurt. I was sweaty and hot. But Heather never gave up on me. She encouraged me and wouldn't let me quit. I was tempted to pass out and/or be dragged back to the finish line. But she didn't let me give up.

And finally we were in the last mile.

This shot was when taken as we spotted our cheering section. And when we saw the finish line. Thank you, Jesus! I think the joy on our faces is evident!

We crossed the finish line and I've never been happier to stop running! 

13.1 miles complete.

This is our group of supporters. Thanks for coming out to cheer us on!

And a shot with my Soul/Sole Sisters. We support each other in all parts of life. I am so thankful that we have each other. 

And lastly, check out my step count for the day. My highest yet, 31,559.

I'm glad the half marathon is behind me. I enjoyed the training process. I'm not sure why, but it's very satisfying to me to check off each week of training and see my progress. The goal seems huge at first. But little by little you chip away at the miles. It's a great reminder that hard work pays off. 

Until the next race...

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