Spring Break 2016 - Part One

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I have to rewind a few weeks and recap our Spring Break week. We were all itching to take a break from school and work. It turned out to be a great week of travel, family and fun! Lots of pictures in this post. :) 

The first day of the break Mimi and Papa invited us to an exciting Egg Hunt and lunch hosted by a family at their church. It was out in the country and there was so much for the girls to do. 

After the Egg Hunt and lunch, there was a petting zoo. Mimi made a new friend. :)

There were so many cute animals. 

The girls both took a pony ride. 

It was a full afternoon. Libby and Georgia Kate had a ball!

The next day the girls and I loaded up in the car with Mimi and we headed south to Panama City Beach. 

Road Trip!

The weather was cool-ish while we were there. These two got in the pool everyday. It was way too cold for me, but kids never seem to care. The wind was blocked in the pool area so I was able to sit out and enjoy the pretty weather and work on my (much needed!) tan a bit.

The evenings were breezy and cool, but so beautiful that we had to get out and enjoy sunset! 

Georgia Kate and I had some coffee talk on the balcony. 

Libby loves to use my camera. She took this shot of us enjoying an early morning snuggle.

Libby made a friend, Lexie, and they played for three days straight. 

A couple of the days warmed up enough we could go out to the beach. GK was one with the ocean. A VERY cold ocean, but she didn't seem to mind. 

We had an easy, relaxing trip to the beach. We didn't have much on our agenda. We got out one evening to shop and eat. Other than that we hung around the condo, pool or beach. It was a treat to get away from our busy schedule and soak in the Salt Life. 

....Spring Break - Part Two to be continued.

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