Spring Break - Part Two

11:58 AM

Part Two...

We traveled home from the beach on Wednesday afternoon. The next morning Georgia Kate had her class egg hunt. 

We met her there and she was so excited to hunt eggs!

After the hunt showing off her collection of eggs. And the posing...oh so cute!

Ms. Trish and Ms. Jolesa's  K3 class :)

We were off for Good Friday and enjoyed a day at home. Saturday the girls dyed eggs.

These two love a good craft/paint/sticker project!

Easter morning we rose early to get all dolled up before church. The girls ran down to check out their Easter baskets, then we got ready for the day. 

My beautiful daughters. 

Here's the best shot of us four after church...we tried. 

Libby with Allie and Coop.

And 3/4s of the Soul Sistas...missed you, Heather!

After church we made our way to the farm for lunch with most of the family. My parents joined us, too. It's nice having all of the grandparents in one spot. 

Here's the attempt at a cousins picture...ha ha! Camden was NOT feeling this moment. 

We let the littles run away and Cayden and Libby posed for me. Thank you for one good picture, girls. :)

After lunch it was raining. But we were troopers and hid and hunted eggs in the rain. Yes we did!

All wet after the hunt. The girls had fun and got LOTS of eggs. 

Easter was a great day! Church was wonderful. Time with family was memorable. And of course the food was delicious. It was a special day for us.

After a great Spring Break and a busy holiday weekend, we regrouped and had to head back to work and school on Monday. It was hard to go back, but I honestly felt rested and ready to return to work. Having the time off to spend with my girls is a treat and I'm thankful! 

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