End of Year

12:47 PM

The school year has come to a close and you know what that means...busy schedules to celebrate our children's accomplishments.

The girls both participated in the end-of-the-year program with our AWANA program at church. Georgia Kate and Libby both recited Bible verses on stage and did a great job!

Libby received the Sparky Award for completing three books over the last three years. She also was named "Sparkie of the Year". Way to go, Libby!

Last Thursday was 2nd grade's Wet Fest. It's her school's field day...but with water. Lots and lots of water. The students absolutely love it!

I took a personal day to enjoy time with Libby. 

And she LOVES that Coach Cooper is there, too!

There are water tag games, relays and lots of ways to get wet.

Libby with her favorite substitute teacher and friend, Mrs. Dudley. They went down the water slide together. Dudley is a good sport!

We survived another exciting Wet Fest! Thanks again to her school and P.E. department for organizing such an awesome event for ALL the grade levels. 

And here is Libby on her last day of school. So long, farewell 2nd Grade.

Once again she has made us proud by having a successful year. She made All A's all year, loves to read, has learned so much and was blessed with a sweet, sweet teacher that loved her (and her classmates) so very much!

It's always bittersweet to end a school year. Fun because it means summer is here, but sad because it's one more year that has flown by. We also are saying goodbye to Lakewood Primary School (a wonderful place I can't say enough good things about) and she'll be promoted to Lakewood Elementary School. I know it'll be another great school.

It was an awesome school year and we have our eyes set on lots of summer fun!

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