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7:00 AM

There are moments when I can't stand it...raising daughters is so much fun. Hair, clothes, raging emotions..wait, well the first two are great! ;)

Last week while fixing Georgia Kate's hair, I was being silly and gave her a top knot. She loved and requested to wear it to school. So I went with it.

She kept calling it her "top hat". Close enough. 

This face. I. Can't. Even. God bless that girl!

A few days later the girls got {much needed} summer hair cuts. Libby asked to grow her out, so she got a trim to even out her previous bob. 

Georgia Kate got a little more length cut off. Both were happy with their visit to the hair salon. I snapped a pick with Lindsey, their stylist. She is so sweet and my girls look forward to haircuts with her.

She gave them both braids like she had. :) 

We're cute and we know it!

In other girly news Libby asked to get her ears pierced. This is not something I brought up with her. I decided if my girls wanted to have their ears pierced, we'd discuss it. Libby mentioned out-of-the-blue a few weeks ago. She asked me lots of questions and then she decided she wanted to go for it. 

So on Saturday morning as soon as the mall opened, we were at the Piercing Pagoda. 

Libby was nervous, but brave. She shed a few tears after the piercing, but was pulled herself together in less than a minute. I was pretty surprised, I thought it would be a production. I was very proud of her. She was SO mature about the whole process. 

Before while listening to instructions.

And after - so pretty! 

It's moments like these that I have to face that my first baby is becoming more like a big girl. Sigh. 

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Read about your oldest, Libby, wanting her ears pierced and doing so well. When I read it, it reminded me of a situation with both our girls, Sandi, aged 4.5 and her younger sister, Missy, aged 27 mos.

    Well, when our ODD wanted her ears pierced, we agreed when she asked. What caught us off guard one day was Sandi wanted to know why her baby sister couldn't have earrings too. I tried to explain to her she didn't ask for them like she did and wasn't old enough. she as happy with explanation until her baby girl cousin, aged 12 mos. showed up for a visit with cute little gold balls in each ear!

    Again, she wanted to know why she had earrings and her sister didn't. My SIL said all the girls in her family have earrings by their first birthday or soon thereafter. I was still unsure about doing Missy at a little over 2 years old and since she hadn't formally asked for them like Sandi.

    Well, I asked our ped about having Missy's ears pierced as a toddler since I'd heard this wasn't the best time to do it. She said, with safer methods of ear piercing, doing it early when mommy could care for them was best. I was surprised at her response and told her I would think about it.

    Well, when Missy broke into my jewelry box and brought my husband, my pearl stud earrings wanting him to put them in her ears, she told us she wanted "earwigs like her big sister." Rick said to go ahead and get Missy's done too before we had to take her to the ER to remove MY earrings from her

    ear canal. Finally, I began seeing babies like their cousin and little girls with cute earrings in the church nursery, asking their moms and hearing positive responses for care and happiness over their decision to do it early. I yielded to pressure from my almost 5 yr. old, husband and Missy's words and actions realizing she wanted her ears pierced too.

    Don't know if you'd considered having your younger dd's ears pierced now or she is in love with her older siblings earrings. However, Sandi was so proud of her baby sister getting earrings too and held her hand while she had it done. SoO cute. This Easter, I put pearls in my two girls and wore mine of course too. Best part was watching the girls stare at the mirror saying "pretty!" It was priceless! Both girls looked adorable in their Easter pics with little pearls like mommy. They never had problems with healing or other issues.

    I'd say if you've remotely thought doing your youngest daughter, then your mommy intuition may be telling now is better and I'd say go ahead so both girls look cute!



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