Keaton Beach

3:24 PM

A few weekends ago we lucked up and had no ball games, no birthday parties and no commitments. A free weekend? Hallelujah! 

So we made a last minute decision to travel to Keaton Beach to enjoy a relaxing weekend of boat riding, fishing and taking it easy.

The girls were thrilled! We packed the truck and left town Friday afternoon.

We arrived to Keaton around 5 pm. That gave us time for an evening boat ride and some fishing.

Following our boat ride we stopped by the local beach area. It was so calm and pretty. 

Saturday morning Drew, David (my father-in-law) and Georgia Kate went fishing in the bay. Libby was feeling a little puny so we stayed at the house. I had coffee on the swing and read my book. What life is this? So relaxing. 

Libby was feeling much better by mid-morning. She came out to play and ride her scooter. At lunch time we packed sandwiches and headed to beach for a few hours. 

It was a pretty afternoon, we enjoyed our time at the beach.

Look at this cute picture of GK. She reeled in this fish (and several others) while on the boat with Drew and David. She is now an official fisherman.

Our 11th anniversary was Saturday while we were in Keaton. So David shooed us out the door and kept the girls entertained while we ate dinner. There's not much to do in the tiny fishing community, but we enjoyed a quiet dinner with a great view from one of the gazebos overlooking the bay.  

We had a great trip. It was so relaxing and fun to break away from the busy schedule we keep this time of year. We can't wait to travel back to Keaton Beach this summer for a longer stay. 

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  1. A weekend in Keaton might be on my summer bucket list! Ha! I like the part about relaxing!!!


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