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Libby's first season of fast pitch softball has come to an end. It was a fabulous season. We were so lucky to have GREAT coaches, sweet teammates and good {read: supportive and not crazy} parents. :) 

Following the last game, which they won, we joined the team at Burger King to celebrate the season and have a fun and simple team party. 

The girls showing off their medals. 

Libby was one of the younger ones on the team, but she did great! We were pleased with how much she learned and she was not hesitant of the fast pitches this year. Since she transitioned from slow pitch last we worried she might have some fears. We were wrong!

She learned so much about catching, throwing and hitting. And most importantly, she enjoyed every game and practice. 

Even though Drew reports she never listened to him (ha!) she was so proud to have her dad be one of the three coaches. 

Proud they are mine!

Some shots from the team party:

One last team huddle. "Heartbreakers on 3!"

Libby loved being a Heart Breaker and we look forward to next season. 

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