Mother's Day

12:08 PM

If you're a mom, have a mom, miss your mom or know those who are moms...I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day. I know I sure did!

Thursday Georgia Kate's school hosted Muffins for Mom. She was so excited and proud to have me with her. I felt the same way. Love my baby daughter!

Sunday morning my daughters sure were BEAUTIFUL! 

It's not easy. Some days are hard. All days are tiring. But honestly, most days are full of love for my healthy, smart, wonderful children. I don't take one day for granted. I love being their mom! ♥

After church we got together with most of our family for lunch. 

More Moms to love on. Nona and Mimi with the Parkman girls. 

The Raiford side together.

Guess what? You're never too old to need your mom. I have a great one! And the same goes for me not taking her for granted as many people no longer have their precious moms on this earth. So to you Mom, I LOVE YOU!

It was a great day of being with family, eating and relaxing. I enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day with those I love so much!

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