Libby Turns 8

10:39 AM

Happy Birthday, Libby! 

We celebrated Libby's 8th birthday over the weekend. Well, we celebrated Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But who's counting?

Thursday she woke up an 8-year-old. :)

Drew and I brought donuts to her school that afternoon. Her class sang to her and she enjoyed having treats and the special attention.  

With her teacher, Mrs. Pittman

GK was was thrilled that Libby had donuts, too!

Friday evening Libby got to chose where she wanted to eat for dinner. After some back and forth, she decided IHOP was the spot.

She got to open presents from family and the staff delivered a chocolate pancake with ice cream while they sang (very loudly!) to her. 

Saturday afternoon was party time. 

She opted to invite her friends to see a movie as her "party". We started at our house with homemade strawberry cupcakes...mmm mmm, they were good!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to her and blowing out her candles. 

The Zoo Crew before heading to Zootopia. 

 A crazy group shot after the movie. They loved it the movie. I did, too, very cute! 

The girls had a great time. They were so sweet at the movies and so excited on the ride to the movies and back home. Eight is a silly, sweet age. Libby got some cool gifts from her friends and the afternoon/evening was really a great time! 

It was a fun 8th Birthday!

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