Back to School '16

10:19 AM

It is no surprise how quickly our summer break flew by. It always does. {I'll be updating the second half of our summer on the blog in the coming weeks.}

Both girls are back to school and are doing well with their new routines. Libby was the first to return the classroom. 

She moved to a new school - same school system, just a new grade. She started her first year at Lakewood Elementary School. 

Third grade ready

Georgia Kate wanted to go into the "big school" the first day. She was excited and proud for Libby. :)

Dad and his girls

I don't know how the years have gone so fast, but I'm sure proud of my girl!

If Libby was nervous, she didn't let us know it. She was really looking forward to starting back to school. 

Libby with Mrs. Anthony, her homeroom teacher. 

About 2 weeks later, Georgia Kate was promoted to the K4 class at her daycare. The week before moving classrooms, they hosted an Open House. She was so excited to visit her new classroom and see all the new toys and centers.

She. Was. Thrilled. 

The morning of her first day, she was very excited to start a new chapter. New classroom, new teachers, (some) new friends.

I mean if it was okay to pinch her and kiss her 1,000 times I totally would!

She was proud of her seat and name plate. 

GK with one of her two teachers, Ms. Susan.

Both girls have adjusted very well to their new teachers and new class schedules. They are such smart girls and we are excited about a great school year!

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