Summer was Fun! pt 1

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We had a really, really good summer. How can summer not be fun, right? But this year I recall thinking numerous times, "These are the days I want to remember. I love this season of our lives."

Maybe it's because Georgia Kate is out of the toddler stage (waahh!) and becoming bigger and more independent. Maybe it's because Libby is more self-sufficient. Not entirely sure, but both girls love family time and look forward to exciting summer plans. I feel like we are in the sweet spot of their ages.

So here on the blog I plan to recap our summer. There will be several posts. I want to remember all the good moments we shared. I want to look back and smile. 

Here we go...

This summer we conquered BOTH White Water and Six Flags. Whoa.

First we traveled to White Water in Atlanta. It's an hour+ drive from home. We had a great group of friends and moms. Being with them made the day a lot of fun!

This is a shot of our whole group as we were waiting for the park to open. That's right, we spent the ENTIRE day, from gates open to gates close. We rode most every ride and the kids had a blast!

We packed a picnic and left the park to have lunch. It was Brandt's birthday, so we also celebrated with cookie cake. :) After a lunch and a short break, we headed back in to the park for more water rides. 

I don't have many shots from inside the park, because, well there's so much water. But we rode big rides, fast rides, slow rides, steep rides. We covered it all.

Once we called it a day (ahem, they closed the park and kicked us out) we changed into dry clothes and headed to grab dinner. We ate in Newnan, GA at the original Chick-fil-a Dwarf House

We were all very hungry, scarfed down our food and the employees were so nice to us. At this location, they allow kids to come behind the counter and serve their own ice cream cones. {Reason #1,632 I love Chick-fil-a}

It was a cool end to a long, exciting day! White Water was great experience for us. It was Libby's first time going and she was thrilled with her trip.


The same week we planned our annual Six Flags summer trip. As usual, we get a group together to make it more bearable more fun with friends. 

Our group ready for a great day!  

It was roughly 112 degrees. I mean so, so, so hot! But we pushed through. We rode lots of coasters, some water rides and even spent a couple of hours in the water park area to cool off. Did I mention it was HOT?

Allie and Libby taking off on the Runaway Mine Train.

 Me and Libby enjoying the carousel. 

Group shot while waiting to ride the Mind Bender.

Ahh, nice, relaxing Sky Buckets.

We were troopers and stayed all day and rode tons of rides and made the best of a hot amusement park. I've told y'all before Six Flags isn't my favorite spot in the world, but with a group of friends and our kids it can be fun. They make me laugh when I'm delirious, hot and hungry. Libby is adventurous and likes riding most of the roller coasters. It's a trip we both enjoy every summer. 

We took this picture the day after our LONG day at Six Flags. :)

We logged lots of entertaining hours at amusement parks this summer. 

More summer fun updates coming soon...

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  1. SUMMER!!!! I wanna go back!!! I'm still chuckling about us conquering those 2 in 1 week!!!

  2. 22.




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