Summer was Fun! Pt 2

6:30 AM

Let's continue with 2016 Summer updates. This year, like last, we spent the long Fourth of July weekend in Keaton Beach, FL. It's a small fishing town that sits on the Gulf of Mexico.  

Scallop season had just opened a few weeks before our trip. We had our first scalloping experience last year and loved it! 

This year was no different. We enjoyed boat riding, snorkeling and catching buckets and buckets of fresh scallops.

The trip was made more fun because lots of family friends vacation in Keaton Beach the same time we do. There are always lots of kids to play with. Libby and Georgia Kate loved having their choice of playmates. 

We ate so much good food during our trip. Lots of grilling out and good desserts.

Scenes from our many boat rides. 

Libby and I taking a plunge into the ocean. This was near sand bar that was about 9 miles out. It was so beautiful and peaceful (if you didn't overthink the sea creatures that might be out there with you!)

We had a big group that swam and played together in the afternoons. 

Our group found some cool things at the sand bar/island area where we hung out. 

The evening of the Fourth we grilled out with Drew's family and our neighbor friends and kids. After dinner we settled in for games, water balloons and fireworks. We never left the beach house and that's one of the parts we love. We can stay put and there's plenty for us and the kids to do.

Patriotic family photo. #USA

Libby at the fish cleaning station that was converted to water balloon central that evening. 

Please note the adult men in this picture. They were having as much fun as the kids launching water balloons across the canal. :)

It was another great Fourth of July holiday for our family. Great memories were made!

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