Annual Mommy/Daughter Beach Trip

11:53 AM

Fall has finally arrived for us in the deep south. Finally. We all hoped cooler temps would show up in September, but we were way off. It was hot all the way through the month. However, October has been much kinder to us.

Before we officially send summer packing, I have a few more posts to share that recap our summer. 

Just before we all reported back to school, we took our annual Mother/Daughter/Granddaughter beach trip. 

This year was another great trip. Lots of playing on the beach, hanging around the condo and enjoying time with my mom and the girls. 

I took this shot off the balcony. Mimi and Georgia Kate went out to look for sea shells. Looks like they had a good talk, as well. :)

Painting toe nails. 

And loving the Salt Life!

The water was SO clear and calm. Gosh, it was awesome!

We went out to eat one night (we know our limits!) and these two took some selfies. They look a little too grown don't they?

We are so lucky that we get to go to the beach so often. We love being there and making such precious memories! 

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