End of Summer Trips

6:00 AM

We squeezed in two more weekend trips in late August and early September. 

The first trip we traveled to Keaton Beach to enjoy the warm weather and scallop one more time before the season closed. 

Drew's friend, Adam, and his daughter, Emma, went with us. 

Libby, GK and Emma.

Saturday was spent scalloping and boat riding. 

The girls did great playing together. The older girls let Georgia Kate tag along. They swam and played the whole weekend. 


The second trip was over Labor Day weekend. We traveled to Panama City Beach to enjoy the holiday.

Some of our friends were down at the same time. We love that because everyone has a friend to play with. 

Libby and Allie

Georgia Kate and Harrison

The girls LOVE the pool. I can't even tell you how many hours we spent swimming. They can't get enough.

Beach selfies are a must. ;)

I love that the girls are great travelers. We love weekend road trips and family time!

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